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Get A Horse, also printed as Demolition Donkey is a comic strip written by Bob Karp and drawn by Al Taliaferro. It features Donald Duck and Basil the Burro.


Donald tries to get Basil the Burro to tow his half-dead car.


  • Part of a continuity of strips featuring Donald Duck and Basil the Burro, this strip's addition of the 313 to the proceedings, in its first appearances, places it, and more generally this series of strip, as a sequel to the cartoon Don Donald (1937) which debuted the dichotomy of the unreliable car and the sometimes equally unreliable burro.
  • Although coincidentally, the cartoon Get A Horse! (2013) shares this story's title as well as a focus on the alternative between cars and steeds, hence both borrowing the common phrase "Get a horse!".

Behind the scenes

This story was first printed in English in July of 1938 in miscellaneous American newspapers. It was reprinted in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #8, in Donald Duck Adventures #9 (under the title of Demolition Donkey), in Donald Duck #288 and in Volume 1 of Donald Duck: The Complete Daily Newspaper Comics.

This strip was the first comics appearance of Donald's iconic car, the 313, after its film debut in Don Donald the year before.