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The Ghost Host is the ghost of a male human.


The definitive Ghost Host, "head man of the Haunted Mansion's skeleton crew",[1] is a powerful ghost with a dark sense of humor and a deep booming voice who guides mortal guests through his manor-house. Though he affects to disregard their safety, it seems this can be mostly chalked up to his usual black wit… although he may have been an actual murderer in life.

Speaking of which, the Ghost Host's story is as elusive as that of other ghosts in the Mansion, if not moreso — for the Host, whom some purport to not even remember his actual past,[2] himself delights in telling tales about the Mansion's past, one of his favorites making him out to be a handsome reformed pirate called William Gracey.[3] Whether he even owned the Mansion in life is unclear, though at the least it is certain he died there, by hanging himself in the "Stretching Room". Although he prefers to remain invisible, the Ghost Host has taken a variety of physical forms, from a floating skull[4] to a noose-wearing, wild-haired ghoul of a man who is probably closest to his appearance in life besides these details.[5] A Ghost Kid once referred to the Ghost Host as “daddy”,[6] and he once implied he had enjoyed the wireless while he was alive.[7]

The title of “Ghost Host” has occasionally been held by other individuals heading tours of the Haunted Mansion, though the one true Ghost Host would likely disapprove. They include the Ghost Host's fellow spook the Hatbox Ghost,[8] the part-time Mansion haunt Uncle Deadly,[9] and, on one occasion in 1952, the witch Phyllis Diller.[10]


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Behind the scenes

The Ghost Host first appeared as a part of the Haunted Mansion attraction in Disneyland, which opened in 1969.

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