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Ghost Host, also occasionally Ghost Guide, and applied to females as Ghost Hostess, is a title held by various individuals associated with the Haunted Mansion.


The “Ghost Host” of the Haunted Mansion is the individual who functionally rules the Mansion, handling disputes, new arrivals and the day-to-day running of this stately retirement home for the dearly departed. The Ghost Host is also the one who gives tour of the house to mortal guests, giving the residents to flex their nonexistent muscles by attempting to scare these visitors.

The title is usually held by a mysterious, oft-invisible ghost who sometimes goes by “Amycus Arcane” or “Master Gracey”. However, it has also, at various times, been claimed by the Hatbox Ghost, by Elmer the Ghost, and, on one occasion, by a flesh-and-blood witch, Phyllis Diller. Additionally, Little Leota, the Mansion's most prominent ghostess, is also known as the "Ghost Hostess", holding the title in tandem with the main, invisible, male Ghost Host.

In Phantom Manor, the Phantom holds a very similar, although much more dictatorial, position to the Mansion's Ghost Host. However, he has never been referred to as “Ghost Host“ per se.

Behind the scenes

The title of Ghost Host is used throughout the Haunted Mansion franchise, beginning with the original 1969 Disneyland ride.