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The Ghost Knigh is a popular nickname for the ghost of a human man.

Description Edit

Little is known about this ghost (who may or may not have once resided in the Haunted Mansion), appearing as a skeleton with malevolent gleaming eyes wearing black, rusty armor.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Ghost Knight was a possible character for the Haunted Mansion ride, sketched by Ken Anderson in the 1950's. Though not implemented, he inspired two later characters, the Knight of the Living Dead and the Haunted Armor. The non-canonical 2003 movie would go on to feature an entire hallway of malevolent ghost knights in armor, though none of them exactly resembles any of the three Knights and thus it may have been a mere coincidence.

Ghost Knight

The Knight in the Tribute Museum.

In 2013, a functional animatronic of the Ghost Knight was finally created, and featured at the Tribute to the Haunted Mansion exhibit of Spooky Empire for three days (from October the 25th to October the 27th).
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