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The Ghost of Christmas Past, or simply Christmas Past, is a spirit taking the form of an anthropomorphic cricket, and ostensibly the Ghost of Christmas Past's counterpart in the 2017 Continuum, with some similarities to Jiminy Cricket.


Wielding the Time-Brella, this version of the Ghost of Christmas Past is as cheerful and soft-spoken as his Prime Universe self. Alongside Present and Future, Past fulfills his yearly duties of bringing back the Christmas spirit to old grumps, with his part being to underline their inevitable nostalgia for past Christmas parties.

Like the others, growing increasingly frustrated at having no other permanent friends than the other two spirits and no time to relax, he began to cut loose every year with Scrooge McDuck, using the Time-Brella to visit history's greatest Christmas parties. However, unlike Future and Present, who stayed moderate, Past came to live for nothing but his fun with Scrooge, more and more obsessed with their Christmas adventures. In 2018, as Christmas Past began to fear that Scrooge's newfound family (Donald, Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck, etc.) would drag him away from the Ghosts, he tried to use the Time-Brella to trap Scrooge alone in his own past. However, Scrooge outwitted him, stole the Time-Brella, and stranded Christmas Past in 1902, alone in the forest near Duckburg.

Driven to madness by the loneliness and his obsession with Scrooge, Christmas Past's magic twisted him into a fearsome, single-minded Wendigo. Only in the 1980's did the monster he'd become finally confront Scrooge and regain his true self and form, forgiving Scrooge for abandoning him as Scrooge, in turn, forgave Past for his attempted evil.

Behind the scenes

This version of the Ghost of Christmas Past serves as the main antagonist in the Christmas Special of Season 2 of DuckTales 2017, Last Christmas.

He is heavily inspired by the portrayal of Jiminy Cricket as the Ghost of Christmas Past in Mickey's Christmas Carol. However, it was decided by the writers to make him into a separate (albeit similar-looking) character rather than the 2017 Continuum counterpart to Jiminy in earnest, as they felt that Christmas Past's descent into obsessive insanity would be too out-of-character for any version of wise Jiminy.

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