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The Ghost of Christmas Present is a fictional character from the book A Christmas Carol.


The Ghost of Christmas Present is a major character of Charles Dickens's famous novella A Christmas Carol, an incarnation of the warmth and jolliness (but also the strife and issues) of the present Christmas, who shows Ebenezer Scrooge scenes of other people's Christmases, in a joint effort with the Ghosts of Christmas Past and Future to make him realize the error of his ways. The Ghost of Christmas Present has been impersonated, and portrayed on-stage, by many people, including Willie the Giant, usually depicted as a large and jolly man.

Behind the scenes

Dickens's character of the Ghost of Christmas Present has been referenced as existing as an in-universe fictional character from the 1960 Donald Duck and the Christmas Carol book onwards.

According to Last Christmas, he exists as a real person in the 2017 Continuum, greatly resembling the Jiminy Cricket portrayal.