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Ghoul Friend is a comic story based on a script by Paul Rudish, adapted by David Gerstein and illustrated using photographs [1] layed out by John Green. It features Mickey Mouse, and Goofy's zombie cousin. Goofy himself is also mentioned.


While driving through a spooky forest graveyard, Mickey decides to visit Goofy's cousin who lives in the area, as Goofy says that his cooking is "off the charts". Unfortunately, Mickey's car breaks down due to a loose radiator cap, and - to make matters worse - it seems that Goofy's cousin has died since Goofy last saw him, and is now an undead ghoul!

Behind the scenes

Ghoul Friend was released in September of 2016. The story is a comic version of the cartoon of the same name, released three years earlier, in October of 2013. The comic is composed of photographs from the cartoon (arranged by John Green) with text added by David Gerstein.

Interestingly, the same layout of photographs had been used earlier to create another comic adaptation of the story, with text by Janelle Asselin, meant for the ComiXology website (though not, to this Wiki's knowledge, actually released there), which was improved upon by Gerstein to create this one.

The story was first published in Mickey Mouse Shorts: Season One no. 3 (and all variants thereof), and has also been published in the trade paperback collecting the Mickey Mouse Shorts series.

Notes and references

  1. From the original cartoon Ghoul Friend.