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Giancarlo Esposito (b. April the 26th, 1958) is a Danish-born American voice actor, actor, director and producer.


Giancarlo Esposito first became an actor as a child in a stage musical, later moving on to successful film roles and television work (his most iconic TV character being the machiavellian drug dealer Gus Fring on the crime drama Breaking Bad). Starting in 2008 with Gospel Hill, however, he also established himself as a director. In animation, in the 2010's, he voiced such iconic comic-book villains as Ra's al Ghul and Lex Luthor, in addition to his Disney roles listed below.

Disney works

Esposito's first Disney role was “Sydney Glass”, or the Magic Mirror's counterpart in the parallel continuity of the TV series Once Upon a Time and its spin-offs. He later voiced the counterpart of the wolf Akela in the 2016 live-action Jungle Book remake.

In 2020, he was announced as the true voice of the 2017 Continuum's Phantom Blot on DuckTales 2017 after the character in disguised had first been voiced by Jason Marsden; a short time before his first episode, The Phantom and the Sorceress, was released, Disney released a short documentary/interview of Esposito reflecting on the character.

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