The Giant Moon Rat is non-anthropomorphic rat or rat-like creature which was temporarily mutated into a monstrous form.

Description Edit

One of the many rats contained aboard the Alien Spacecraft, the Giant Moon Rat escaped onto the Moon, where it managed to find and eat the fabled Green Cheese of Longevity.

This mutated the unsuspecting rodent to an enormous size, and gave it the ability to teleport and travel at enhanced speeds. Scrooge McDuck, searching for the Green Cheese, encountered the now-enormous rat and fought it. Now subdued, the rat morphed back into its un-mutated state, and the Cheese reappeared unscathed. The rat then ran off to parts unknown.

How the rat managed to survive on the Moon is unknown, although it is possible that it does not originate from Earth, or had already been mutated to have the ability to breathe there by the aliens which had captured it.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Giant Moon Rat first appeared in DuckTales NES, where it was the boss of the "Moon Stage". It later appeared in the remake of the aforementioned game, DuckTales Remastered, in the same role.

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