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Gideon Goat, more commonly known by his nickname Giddy Goat, is an anthropomorphic goat.

Description Edit

Gideon Goat is a former neighbor of Mickey Mouse from the days Mickey lived in the countryside. A farmer, Goat is married to one Gertie Goat (not to be confused with Gertie the Goat). He is similar in appearance to, and possibly a relative of, Sheriff Bill Goat. Gideon is a grump with a hair-trigger temper, which mixes rather unpleasantly with his occasional occupation of being a sheriff. Oddly enough, Gideon can also play the trumpet, and was the trumpet player for Mickey Mouse's band in their rehearsals. He was, however, replaced with an unknown trumpet-playing dog in the final concert, for reasons unknown.

Behind the scenes Edit

Gideon Goat first formally appeared in the written story The Story of Mickey Mouse (published in Mickey Mouse Book #1 in 1930), although anthropomorphic goats who may or may not be Gideon appeared in several cartoons prior.

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