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Gideon McDuck is an anthropomorphic duck.


Gideon McDuck is Scrooge McDuck's younger brother. The two always had quite a rivalry, even as children; however, Gideon, being less greedy than Scrooge (though still in possession of sizeable business savvy), pursued a different career, starting in their childhood, where Gideon was a model schoolboy and furthered his schooling while Scrooge began working as a shoeshiner. [1]

While Scrooge sailed for America, Gideon took a more complete education, in part thanks to the money Scrooge began sending home. Gideon became a journalist, eventually moving to Duckburg and founding his own newspaper, the "County Conscience". Gideon is very proud of the County Conscience being the only really independant newspaper in Calisota, as all other papers belong to the likes of John D. Rockerduck or his own brother Scrooge McDuck.

Gideon mostly works alone as far as recurring team-ups are concerned (though he has, of course, anonymous journalists in spades) but has been known to hire Donald Duck or Dickie Duck as his helps.

Behind the scenes

Gideon first appeared in 1956 in Shellfish Motives.

Notes and references

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