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Gilhooley Phineas Mouse was a male anthropomorphic mouse.


Gilhooley Phineas Mouse was seemingly a man of some renown, referred to by Mickey Mouse as “Great-Great-Uncle Gilhooley Phineas Mouse”, though it's not clear if that makes him Mickey's great-great-uncle or rather Morty and Ferdie Fieldmouse's. In 1958, Mickey tried to sculpt the likeness of Gilhooley but failed miserably to capture his likeness as part of a sculpting competition, and had the half-baked statue accidentally destroyed by his nephews on top of that. Fortunately, while wandering on the beach, the twins found a knot of driftwood which looked exactly like Gilhooley's face, which they entered in the competition.

Behind the scenesEdit

Gilhooley Phineas Mouse appeared in The Art Collectors (1958).

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