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Gizmoduck is the superhero alter-ego of Fenton Crackshell.


The identity of Gizmoduck was first created when Scrooge McDuck wanted a new security guard for his Money Bin. The Gizmosuit that Gizmoduck wears was created by Gyro Gearloose, and Fenton Crackshell was chosen for the job of wearing it. Gizmoduck soon became a full-time superhero, and eventually one of the heroes of Duckburg. Because of this, he would occasionally go head-to-head with Darkwing Duck, hero of the neighboring city St. Canard. However, the two also worked together, including briefly serving as members of the Justice Ducks superhero team.

An ancestor of Fenton Crackshell had also used the Gizmoduck identity, wearing a Steampunk Gizmosuit.


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Behind the scenes[]

Gizmoduck first appeared in 1989 in Liquid Assets, part one of Super DuckTales. The character was originally conceived as "Roboduck", but the name was later changed; however, the original R-logo on the chest was never replaced.

The proposed Justice Ducks series would have featured Gizmoduck and Darkwing leading a new incarnation of their old team against various villains.[1]

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