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Gladstone Clerval (Gastone Clerval in the original Italian) was an anthropomorphic duck-goose hybrid.


The cousin of Victor von Duckenstein, Gladstone Clerval became his friend in his childhood, though this friendship was marred by their competing for the hand of Daisy Beth. Gladstone was elegant, lucky, and overall rather likable, but couldn't match Victor's endless imagination and creativity which endeared Miss Beth to him. This didn't stop him from proposing to her while Victor was studying in Ingolstadt. She accepted — in a ploy to jolt Victor into admitting his feelings for her, rather than out of genuine sentiment. Gladstone traveled to Ingolstadt to tell Victor the "good news", finding him fresh off the disappointment of Growl's (supposed) death. In the end, of course, Victor was forced to confess his feelings to Daisy and so Gladstone and Daisy's marriage fell through.

Behind the scenes

Gladstone Clerval appears in the 2016 story Duckenstein.

As the story is one of the Grandi Parodie, he is a historical counterpart to a present-day regular — namely, Gladstone Gander. As to the "Frankenstein parody" aspect of things, he serves as the story's equivalent to Henry Clerval, though Henry was merely a close childhood friend of the original Victor's, not a cousin, and wasn't a romantic rival. Moreover, the more malicious Creature of the book murdered Clerval in an attempt to hurt Victor.