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Gladstone Gander is an anthropomorphic duck-goose hybrid.


The son of Goosetave Gander and Daphne Duck, Gladstone Gander is Donald's ridiculously lucky cousin. This unbelievably powerful good fortune leads him to see every material wish he may have granted in no times, and protects him against wrong decisions. Due to having had this luck from infanthood (he inherited it from his mother), Gladstone grew into a selfish, vain and lazy man, used to getting everything he wanted.

He often mocks his rather more unlucky cousin Donald, and they both fight for the heart of Daisy Duck… though for Gladstone, Daisy is much more a prize to be won than the love of his life. Indeed, he has had several true crushes, the most enduring (but conflicted) of which might be the Italian sorceress Magica De Spell (others include Lily and Feather Mallard).

In general, Gladstone actually has a softer side, and mightn't have turned out such a bad bloke without his luck; on several occasions Gladstone has demonstrated that he hides a complex about people liking (or hating) his luck more than they pay any attention to who he really is. Of course, he loathes the idea that anyone could find out about this "weakness".

Behind the scenes

Gladstone first appeared in Carl Barks's 1948 Wintertime Wagers. Amusingly, Gladstone wasn't initially supposed to be 'lucky' in any supernatural way, but only vain and self-content. The 'luck' element that became the core of his character was only added much later.

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