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Gladstone Gander is an anthropomorphic duck-goose hybrid and the 2017 Continuum's counterpart to Gladstone Gander.


The luckiest man in the world, Gladstone Gander is Donald Duck's laid-back, hedonist cousin. Donald and Gladstone never got along well, though they still care for one another beneath all the grumpiness. Gladstone gets along much better with Donald's nephews, however, especially Louie. Gladstone knows very little, as even his ability to read is derived from his luck — his best guesses as to what letters read as always being right. 

In 2017, Gladstone was lured to Macaw to a casino called the House of the Lucky Gander by the luck demon Liu Hai, who hoped to feed on his luck forever. Gladstone, however, was able to call his family to the rescue.



Hey! Twenty dollars!
Loose as a goose and ready to gander!


I am the best at getting something for nothing!
I just literally can't lose!
Good luck.

Behind the scenes

This version of Gladstone first officially appeared in 2017 in The House of the Lucky Gander.


Comparison of the official design (in The House of the Lucky Gander) and Jolley's redesign.

Compared to his classic self, his redesign for DuckTales 2017 has been met with much criticism, seen as straying too far from Gladstone's classic features (such as his haircut, small eyes and spats). Comic artist Sarah Jolley created a "Gladstone redesign" that has been almost unanimously praised above the official version. At the request of fans, Jolley even created a short comic explaining how the design might imaginably be canon.

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