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Glasgow is the largest city of Scotland, the second and third largest city by population in the United Kingdom. In this city, in 1867, was born Scrooge McDuck.

Known inhabitants

Scrooge spent his early years in Glasgow with his father Fergus, his mother Downey and sisters Matilda and Hortense; it is likely that he lived in Glasgow (perhaps in the same house and family of Fergus) Uncle Jake, also Burt trenchers and Whiskervilles.

The address of McDucks was in Glasgow Paisley Street, 1313.


The city of Glasgow was appointed in the history The Hound of the Whiskervilles, by Carl Barks , in which Scrooge decides to return to his hometown to search for the tartan of his clan.

In Glasgow are then ambientati chapters dimes and destinies and the last of the clan McDuck by Don Rosa; also takes place in the Scottish city of Scrooge part of the dream in the dream of a lifetime, the same Don Rosa.