The Glass Domeis an object.


The Glass Dome, was conceived by Donald Duck, and made by McDuck Industries in Miami. Reportedly, half the glass-blowers in Florida passed out making it.

The Glass Dome was placed over the wreck site of the Candelaria, being suspended by stakes. Thanks to the dome, the ducks could inspect theCandelaria, and the map of Spanish wreck sites (Mapa De Los Barcos Hundidos) in a dry environment.

After the installation of the Glass Dome, theMapa De Los Barcos Hundidos was cleaned off its growth and photographed.

Due to Barry Kuda's interference, the stakes were pulled free of the coral, and the Glass Dome floated upside-down, creating a "hole in the ocean" which captured the pirates' boat.

As water rushed into the Dome when the stakes were pulled free, the force of the incoming water destroyed the Candelaria.

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