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Gloofitas was an anthropomorphic dog in the Goofified Timeline.


When Goofy traveled back in time to the Jurassic period using one of the Time Pods from the original Ludwig von Drake's Time Machine, this created an aberrant, corrupted timeline where every living thing in the universe resembled Goofy in looks and superficial behaviors.

One of the results was an altered version of human history. For example, in the new history, the Greek strategist and warrior Goofacles had, in 423 B.C.E., led “300 Gooflites and 300 Goober-bearers” against the forces of one “Gloofitas”, King of Gloofacia, land of the grape-vines. Refusing to fight, Goofacles presented Gloofitas with his cache of goober; Gloofitas agreed to make peace and answered in kind by giving him some grape-vines. Becoming fast friends, the two monarchs soon invented peanut butter and jelly. All these events later became notorious enough to be recorded in the Goofified Timeline's version of the book Greatest Moments in History.

After Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck used another Time Pod to cancel out Goofy's alterations to history, the Goofified Timeline was disintegrated, the original Prime Universe was reinstated, and as a result Gloofitas and Goofacles ceased to ever have existed.

Behind the scenes

This character is mentioned in the 2019 cartoon Outta Time, part of the Mickey Mouse animated series. He, Goofacles and Ludwig von Drake are the only three named inhabitants of the Goofified Timeline shown in the episode.