​​​​​Go On An Adventure With Mickey Mouse & Google Home is a short animated (originally audio) story with a live-action framing device. It features Mickey Mouse.


Mickey Mouse, in a hurry to get to the theater where he is performing a sold-out magic show, is annoyed when the driver of the bus he's taking stops at a restaurant - and makes the drastic decision to steal the bus! Taking a wrong turn, he crashes through the theater wall, but the audience, fortunately, think that it was all part of the show.

References Edit

  • Mickey Mouse has a bus driving license.

Behind the scenesEdit

Go On An Adventure With Mickey Mouse And Google Home was created as a promo for Mickey Mouse Adventures, a feature for the smart speaker Google Home which plays a series of choose-your-own-adventure-type audio stories. It was released on Disney's YouTube channel in 2017. It was created by animating one possible path of one of the stories, and features a framing device in which a young girl activates the feature.

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