Goat-Ham City is a city in (or near) Calisota.


Goat-Ham City is a large city, located close to Pig Bay, about 72 miles from Mouseton. Little is known about the city, save that it has a museum, and that it seems to be fairly large. A handsome cream-colored ferry links Goat-Ham City to Pig Bay and Catton Island. 

In 2001, one of the cities where Ludwig von Drake and Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck's "interactive museum exhibit" (initially developed for the Duckburg Museum) was exported was Goat-Ham City — with the two others being Goosetown and Pig Bay.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Origins of Goat-Ham CityEdit

Goat-Ham City has a complicated history, to say the least; it was created solely through localizations of stories, with mentions of it being added by well-known translator-scripter Joe Torcivia to The Sound-Blot Plot and The Beagle Boys and the Interactive Initiative where the original versions didn't mention any particular locales by name. Oddly, this means that while the oldest in-universe mention of Goat-Ham City is from 2001 (in Interactive Initiative), the first appearance of the city which we now know as Goat-Ham City was in 2009, in Sound-Blot Plot… and technically, the name of Goat-Ham City itself debuted in 2015, fourteen years "after" its first mention from the mouth of Prof. Von Drake.

Torcivia has stated that he has made it a point to name-drop Goat-Ham City as often as possible in his work, as something of a running-gag, but most of this shoehorned name-drops didn't make the final cut. The name even
Gotham City

The original Gotham City, as famously depicted in Batman: The Animated Series.

predates his work on The Sound-Blot Plot, for all that it made its actual debut there.

Worlds-crossing WordplayEdit

Naturally, Goat-Ham City is a silly pun on the name of Gotham City, the home town of the superhero Batman in the Detective Comics universe. Whether Goat-Ham City has a masked crusader of its own to match Gotham's Batman is unknown, but at the very least, it seems unlikely it is as plagued by supervillainy and crime as its DC counterpart, especially as it would then become redundant with Saint-Canard (which, despite its unrelated name, is a much more direct parody of Gotham City with a Calisota seasoning). 

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