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The Goblin Salesman is a male Goblin, likely from another dimension than the Prime.


This Goblin is one of the shopkeepers of the Interdimensional Black Market, a hub of illicit cross-universal trade. He sells Void Ships and other mechanical vehicles, either whole or in spare parts. In 2019, he traded a sentient ship-building robot he owned (CS-NA) as well as a 210K Twin-Carbonoid Dualtech Engine to Tracker-764 in exchange for one of Madame Tarsa's bewitched ventriloquist's dummies. However, he later bid on Tracker himself when the Queen of the Black Market put him up for auction, although he was quickly outbid.

behind the scenes

The Goblin Salesman first appeared in the 2019 Crew of the Copper-Colored Cupids story Misadventures in the Interdimensional Black Market.