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FanworkNon-Canon Tag This Godzilla was a mutant-dinosaur-like monster. The character is a parody version of the classic Godzilla, of whom a version also exists in the canonical Disney Comics Universe.


A humongous reptilian monster, Godzilla was so big that only his house-sized feet were ever glimpsed. In 1969, it stepped on Bambi, seemingly killing him. Thirty years later, he returned to the same forest and threatened to do the same to the Son of Bambi, only to painfully realize that Bambi's heir had prepared during these thirty years as the Son of Bambi switched on a defence system which involved shooting a cannon at Godzilla, killing the creature.

Behind the scenesEdit

This parody version of Godzilla first appeared in Marv Newland's famous 1969 parodic cartoon Bambi Meets Godzilla; it reappeared and died in the 1999 sequel Son of Bambi Meets Godzilla.

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