Gold Rush Sled
Vital Statistics
Type Dog Sled
Era Progressive Era
Civilization Canadian
Estimated Price  ???
Magical? No

This Sled was used by Scrooge McDuck during some of the last of his Klondike Gold Rush era.


During most of his Klondike Gold Rush days, Scrooge used to get from one place to another on foot, though he mostly stayed on his claim at White Agony Creek. Nevertheless, as proven in North of the Yukon , he had known how to drive a sled for quite some time.

In his very last days as a "sourdough" he seems to have used a dog sled, having travelled from Whitehorse to White Agony Creek at least once. However, as he was distracted from one last sled trip to Dawson , his sled was trapped into a crack in the Mooseneck Glacier , and he barely saved his own dogs.

He was chased on foot by timber wolves until he fell onboard Soapy Slick 's riverboat, which was travelling through the Yukon .

Scrooge took the accident with the sled as an omen that he should keep prospecting and never settle down, though he had set a marker (his rifle ) at the position of the sled undernearth the Glacier and instructed his Whitehorse Bank to inspect it until the Glacier would fall to the Yukon River .

Several decades later, he and his nephews raced against Soapy Slick and retrieved it first.


As the years passed, Scrooge had idealized the contents of his sled. It contained Scrooge’s old coonskin cap and his deerskin coat. According to him, no silk-topper and golden-fleece mackintosh could ever be as noble an outfit. It also carried his coffee pot and skillet. According to him, no fancy meal has tasted half as fine as the beans he cooked on his own campfire under the Klondike stars.

It also contained his gold pan, pick and shovel, the "tools that existed before stock options and crop futures and compounded interest. With them he worked the icy creeks and frozen tundra and earned every cent with his own two hands".

A box of chocolates from the Whitehorse General Store (preserved within the ice) had fallen off the sled upon its discovery. The box had a card, addressed to Goldie .

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