The Gold Teeth is a heirloom of the McDuck Clan.


In 1753, Swindle McSue tricked Seafoam with a contract to deliver horseradish to Jamaica, and then scuttled Seafoam's boat, the Golden Goose.

Seafoam forfeited that fortune to McSue, when the ship sank and escaped with only a heirloom watch and his gold teeth left.

The gold teeth passed down from McDuck to McDuck, until Fergus gave it to Scrooge, right before he left for America in 1880. In order to buy a miner's outfit, he sold it for $100, to a man in Butte, in 1883.


  • It is likely that the gold teeth are of English manufacture, as Seafoam lived in England.
  • During Scrooge's short visit to the other side in "The New Laird of Castle McDuck", Seafoam expresses his irritation with Scrooge selling the gold teeth, which he considered a heirloom.
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