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The Golden Calf of Latte was an artifact from the 2017 Continuum.


Retrieved from the malevolent Doctor Quackmire Quantum by Scrooge McDuck during an adventure in the Amazonian jungle in 2018, the Golden Calf of Latte is a hollow golden statue which concealed a few supercharged coffee beans. Quantum tried to acquire the Calf in the knowledge that it could help him build a Caffeine Bomb, but with no exact knowledge of its secret, which was known only to Scrooge. However, Scrooge did not enjoy the beans for long, as he was forced to consume them to counteract the effects of a badly-misjudged rejuvenation treatment invented for him by Rip Van Wrinkle.

Behind the scenes

The Golden Calf of Latte is the principal macguffin of the 2018 story Go, Go, Golden Years!.