The Golden Flea is a golden statue of a flea.


A dog-sized statue of a flea made out of 14-carat gold, this strange work of art from Kafka Island was gifted to Scrooge McDuck by the Maharajah of Kishaki at some point prior to the spring of 1973, and Scrooge put it in his private museum. Out of all the items therein, the Flea was one of his favorite, after the Crown of Midas.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Golden Flea appears in the 1973 story Money is the Root of Upheaval. Its provenance (Kafka Island) is original to the 2018 localization of the story by Joe Torcivia, and is a reference to The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, a famous novella wherein a character is transformed into a giant insect (though not, it should be said, a flea).

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