Golden Goose II
Vital Statistics
Type Fore-and-aft rig ship
Era Post-War Era
Civilization American
Estimated Price  ???
Magical? No


Golden Goose II is a wooden ship that Scrooge built/purchased and had set Duckburg as the port of registry. Its name is inspired by the original Golden Goose

The acting crew of the Golden Goose II was Scrooge and his nephews. He had used it as a treasure hunting ship near the Florida Keys for weeks when Donald found the Diving Bell of the Candelaria.

Because of Barry Kuda's interference and the subsequent displacement of the Glass Dome the Golden Goose II would turn around 90 degrees with its tip on the air, reportedly not being sail worthy anymore.

Nevertheless, in The Last Lord of El Dorado, a sequel to Treasure Under the Glass, the ducks are sailing using a very similar ship. The same happens in Crown of the Crusader Kings.

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