Golden Hind
Vital Statistics
Type Galleon
Era Industrial Revolution Era
Civilization English
Estimated Price  ???
Magical? No

The Golden Hind was an English galleon captained by Sir Francis Drake.


Francis Drake’s flagship, the Golden Hind sailed up the Tulebug River in search for a fortifiable location for a British outpost. Sir Francis Drake finally ended up setting up the Drakeborough in the shores of Calisota.

Eventually, Duckburg would be built around the Drakeborough

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The Golden Hind or Hinde was an English galleon best known for its circumnavigation of the globe between 1577 and 1580, captained by Sir Francis Drake.

She was originally known as the Pelican, but was renamed by Drake mid-voyage in 1578, as he prepared to enter the Strait of Magellan, calling it the Golden Hind to compliment his patron, Sir Christopher Hatton, whose armorial crest was a golden 'hind' (a female deer). Hatton was one of the principal sponsors of Drake's world voyage.

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