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The Golden Moon is one of Earth's natural satellites.

Description[edit | edit source]

In the Prime Universe, the Moon conceals a smaller natural satellite, whose existence was only discovered in 1958 by a new artifical satellite. This Golden Moon, about five hundred miles in diameter, was confirmed by spectrographic analysis to be made of solid, pure, 24-carat gold. No atmosphere exists on the Golden Moon, enabling telepathic contact.

History[edit | edit source]

Prior to being detected by Earth's scientists, the Moon had previously been discovered by the Venusians; the richest man on Venus, Muchkale, was granted official ownership of the Moon and travelled to it with a small crew in the year 1167. He sent his spaceship back home for a handful of dirt from which to grow cabbage using his Magnetic Attracter, only for the ship never to return; Muchkale remained stranded for nearly eight hundred years.

Muchkale remained marooned until the natives of the Earth discovered the Golden Moon, launching a Great Space Race for the right to claim the Moon one's property and become the uncontested richest person in the world. Scrooge McDuck beat all the other tycoons to the Golden Moon and traded Muchkale some dirt in exchange for the Moon. It is likely that besides Scrooge's sheer love of owning shiny things, his main aim was protecting his status as Richest Duck in the World, as he does not appear to have taken any steps to sell the gold on Earth, as indeed he couldn't have without this negatively impacting gold's market value.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Golden Moon is the central location of the 1958 story The Twenty-Four Carat Moon.

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