The Golden Scarab is a magical artifact associated with the Cave of Wonders.


When the two halves of the Golden Scarab amulet are united, it springs to life and dashes like a shooting star across the desert to eventually, at a seemingly-random location, split apart again and become the two gleaming eyes of the Cave of Wonders' tiger-like head. As such, it is the only known way of entering the Cave without being a genie.

The Scarab's origins are shrouded in mystery; in one slightly-divergent timeline, it was originally a Scarab Staff similar to Jafar's Snake Staff, but lost its handle and was rent asunder by the Mage in the hope that the fragments would no longer be powerful enough to summon the Cave, thus making sure the Genie's Lamp would remain lost forever.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Golden Scarab was prominently featured in 1992's Aladdin.

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