Goliath was a male dog who is now a ghostly hellhound.

Description Edit

Goliath was the faithful pet dog of Henry Ravenswood, described by his epitaph a "faithful dog and protector". Post-mortem, Goliath returned like all other inhabitants of Phantom Manor, as a frightful, roaring hellhound flanking the Phantom during his forays into the haunted grounds of his estate.

Behind the scenes Edit

Goliath has been featured in Phantom Manor since its opening day in 1992. According to the paratext of Family Secrets (2012), Goliath was originally to have a tombstone in the Cemetery, eventually removed to make room for the graves of Anna Jones and Jasper Jones.

Goliath was evidently modeled after the Hellhound from The Haunted Mansion’s Graveyard scene, and also takes Bones's spot by the shovel-wielding character's side (the shovel-wielder in question now being the Phantom as opposed to Horace the Caretaker).

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