The Goofified Timeline was a corrupted timeline of the Prime Universe created by Goofy's interference in 2019.


The Goofified Timeline was what the Prime Universe mutated into after Goofy carelessly piloted one of Ludwig von Drake's Time Pods into the Jurassic period, causing "ripples" in the fabric of time. The effect was that all lifeforms, throughout the past and future, were mutated to look and sound like Goofy, and also had something of his personality, though not enough to override their basic instincts (hence a Goofified Tyrannosaurus Rex would still attempt to eat smaller animals, despite its placid grin).

From the perspective of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Ludwig von Drake, left behind in Goofy's departure point of February 2019, the Prime Universe took a few minutes to warp into the Goofified Timeline, one being at a time. They also observed the transformation of some buildings into the shape of Goofy's hat; whether the buildings were directly affected by the time ripples, or this was an effect of history changing so that the now-Goofified builders of those buildings would have drafted them differently, is unclear. Consulting a history book, they also found that all of human history had changed, with all historical figures also having been goofified according to the records.

Mickey and Donald left 2019 in the other Time Pod just in time before the Goofification effect caught up with them, and they left behind a goofified Von Drake. In the past, they discovered an entire fauna of goofified reptiles, but also the existence of an entire new species of savage, Goofy-like humanoids whom the original Goofy had begun to rule as their warlike king.

Capturing King Goofy, Donald and Mickey returned to slightly before Goofy's original takeoff from 2019, and prevented him from ever entering the Time Pod; this undid the creation of the Goofified Timeline, which ceased to exist alongside its mutated denizens. (This was not the end of the trio's troubles, however, as in the process, Donald had dropped part of himself in the past, altering history once again.)

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Behind the scenesEdit

The Goofified Timeline is seen in the 2019 cartoon Outta Time.

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