Goofmors Goofy was an anthropomorphic dog.


Goofmors Goofy (nephew of Sorcegoof) married an unknown woman and had at least three children, Ebenezer, Windjammer and Grubstake. A famous explorer, Goofmors discovered a hidden valley in the Ands where a rare breed of horses, the extra-fast Pantalones, existed. However, an ancient people guarded the horses and forced Goofmors to drink a magic potion, called Increduline, which made it so that no one would ever believe Goofmors when he tried to tell outsiders about the valley. Only long after Goofmors's death did his grand-nephew Goofy find his now-believable diary, and set out with Mickey Mouse to find the horses…

Behind the scenesEdit

Goofmors Goofy was repeated mentioned in the 1975 story Goofy and the Pantalones Horses, which has never been published in English in any form to date.

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