Goofus was presumably an anthropomorphic dog and an uncle of Goofy.


Goofus was a man of no wealth and lived the life of a hobo. Despite his bleak financial situation, he maintained a good spirit. He treasured and cherished his top hat. In his own words, "It has the magic to always make me feel great when I put it on." The top hat was his favorite thing, and he even used it to store a gold nugget he had somehow acquired.

He was an uncle (and, presumably, namesake) of Goofy, though it is unknown how they were related. Goofus seems to have loved and trusted his nephew. When he died, he left his treasured top hat and some old rags to Goofy. In a note he left behind, he said that he hoped his top hat would make Goofy just as happy as it had him.


To my nephew, Goofy, I leave my old but treasured top hat. It has the magic to always make me feel great when I put it on. May it do the same for my nephew. It is filled with my idle but pleasurable dreams and contains my fortune.

Behind the scenesEdit

Goofus was mentioned in the 1974 story, Goofy's Inheritance. He was not seen in the story, which only featured one illustration, though his top hat was.

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