Goofy's Halloween is a written story, illustrated by Sylvia Holland. It features Goofy, Mickey Mouse, José Carioca, Miss Bovina, Donald Duck, and an unnamed crook.


After reading up on etiquette, Goofy learns that a golden rule is to remember to reciprocate friendly gestures such as invitations to party. He thus throws a Hallowe'en party at his house, inviting everyone who ever invited him to anything — an odd list that includes such an odd collection as José Carioca, Mickey Mouse and Miss Bovina. But José has never bene to a proper Hallowe'en celebration, and, one thing leading to another, his comical misunderstandings end up smuggling a burglar into the house!

Behind the scenesEdit

This short written story was published twice in English, once in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #38 and once in Walt Disney's Magazine Of Comic Stories.

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