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Goofy's cousin was a male anthropomorphic dog who is now a zombie.


One of Goofy's many goofy cousins, this fellow lived some distance outside Mouseton (or at least outside of the main city) in a rather foreboding forest, near a graveyard. Goofy occasionally visited his cousin, whose cooking was apparently "off the charts". In 2013, Mickey Mouse was driving through the nearby area, and decided to visit Goofy's cousin while he was there. Unfortunately, Mickey's car broke down, prompting Mickey to seek help fixing it.

While wandering through the dark forest, Mickey happened upon a frightening figure: Goofy's cousin, who had died of unknown causes since the last time Goofy saw him and had now risen from the grave as an undead ghoul! The ghoul chased Mickey through the cemetery, evading every obstacle Mickey tried to stop him with, until Mickey came to a sudden stop at the edge of the cliff, causing the undead Goof to plummet into the ravine. Mickey, thinking that the ghoul was gone for good, began to walk back to his car, however, Goofy's cousin managed to escape the canyon, and snuck up behind Mickey. Mickey braced himself as the zombie pulled off his own boney arm and raised it high over his head - before offering it to Mickey, to use as a wrench to fix his car.

After Mickey fixed his car, he began to drive back to town - with Goofy's cousin hitching a ride. It is unknown what became of the zombie Goof after this, although it is possible that he now lives in Mouseton.

Behind the scenes

Goofy's cousin first appeared in Ghoul Friend in 2013, although his role as Goofy's cousin was not revealed until the 2016 comic adaptation of the aforementioned cartoon.