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George Goofy, also known as George P. Geef, Dippy Dawg or simply Goofy, is an anthropomorphic dog.


Goofy is Mickey Mouse's best and oldest friend. He is, as his name implies, goofy and clumsy.

Goofy seems to operate based on his own dreamlike logic rather than through any real-world customs, and seldom realizes what goes wrong in his endeavors, convinced he was doing just fine and it's the universe that is being mean to him. He has, however, also demonstrated several special talents on occasions, such as an amazing photographic memory or artistic gifts. He also has a superhero alter-ego called Super Goof.

Goofy was temporarily married to a redheaded woman, only known as Mrs Goofy, who was just as clumsy as Goofy himself but also very attractive. They even had a son, Max. Unfortunately, they seem to have been separated soon thereafter[3]. Goofy had to raise his son alone, and moved to the city of Spoonerville during Max's teenage years, presumably to keep him away from the constant adventures Goofy would get into if he stayed within spitting distance of Mickey Mouse. However, Max is now an adult and Goofy has moved back to Mouseton.

Physical Appearance

Goofy is a lanky anthropomorphic dog. He has black fur on certain parts of his body, while on others he has what is either a brownish fur color or actual human-like skin. He has a large, doglike snout and droopy ears.

He frequently wears a vest with a sweater, pants, and large shoes. His iconic hat somewhat resembles a crumpled fedora, and has been variously colored green, blue, or orange.

At least according to Mickey Mouse, he is 6 feet and 7 inches, or roughly 200 centimeters, tall.[4]

Behind the scenes

Goofy first appeared in the 1932 cartoon Mickey's Revue.

Voice Actors

Notes and references

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  2. Donald Duck was born around 1920, and he, Goofy and Mickey were childhood friends.
  3. Whether they divorced or Mrs Goofy died is unknown, though the latter is often favored among fans.
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