Goofy and the Magic Mirror is a comic one-pager written by Bill Walsh and drawn by Manuel Gonzales. It features Goofy and his Enchanted Mirror.


Cleaning his attic, Goofy discovers an old mirror which turns out to be enchanted. What will our friendly dolt make of this?

Behind the scenesEdit

This story was first printed in various American newspapers. It was reprinted in Mickey Mouse #99, and was reprinted in Mickey Mouse #202. It also appeared in English in the Australian Mickey Mouse #106, Giant #562, and Magman's Mickey Mouse #3, as well as in the South African Mickey Mouse #8.

Throughout all of its English printings, the gag received no actual title. The title used here is an extrapolation from its earliest foreign title, the Italian title Pippo e lo Specchio Magico (from 1967).

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