Goofy for Pies is a restaurant and bakery, presumably in Mouseton, which exclusively sells pies.

Description Edit

After encouragement from his friends, Goofy opened Goofy for Pies in 2015. Although Mickey and Minnie were, at first, worried that customers would be turned away by Goofy's unusual pies, they soon realized that the town actually loved the strange pies, as they were different from what they could get at any other bakery.

The pies on the menu of Goofy for Pies include: peanut butter and jelly, bean, grape, cheese, vinegar, raisin, bacon, green-tomato, shoofly, potato, and, at the encouragement of Minnie, apple pie.

Behind the scenes Edit

Goofy for Pies first appeared in the story Goofy's Pie Shop in 2015.

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