"The Goose Egg Nugget is the near legendary "nugget" of gold that Scrooge found, thanks to his determination and hard work during his time on the Klondike."


Scrooge McDuck found the Goose Egg Nugget in White Agony Creek during the Klondike goldrush. In the later spring of 1897, claimjumpers started invading the Creek . Scrooge was holding a bucket of bedrock as a wave of them tried to jump his claim. In an effort to repel them, Scrooge tried to throw them a rock from the bucket, but discovered that it was much heavier than he thought. Upon closer inspection, and some contemplation, he discovered that it was a huge (the size of a goose egg) nugget of gold of significant purity. He had become rich. In order to seek revenge for his ridicule, and to show off his success, he openly displayed the goose egg nugget in the Blackjack Ballroom. It was briefly stolen by Goldie O'Gilt, but was eventually returned to Scrooge.

The Nugget then seems to have been (mis)placed in Scrooges's Safety Deposit Box in 1897. When Scrooge opens the strongbox in order to find the Deed of Killmotor Hill he discovers the Nugget, and comments on how he was wondering where it was.

Some time since then, the Nugget was placed in Scrooge' s trophy room and is some times used as the centerpiece of Scrooge's museum exhibits.

Behind The Scenes Edit

The Goose Egg Nugget first again appears in "The Richest Duck in the World " in 1947, apparently placed in Scrooge's trunk of memories , while it was originally placed in his safety deposit box . Scrooge once covered the Nugget with snow and throws it like a snowball at Blackheart Beagle , in a successful attempt to stop him from stealing his money.

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