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Goosetave Gander was an anthropomorphic gander.


Goosetave Gander was a member of the Duckburg high society. Though perhaps slightly snobbish,[2] he truly loved his wife Daphne Duck and son Gladstone, and, in private, was tired of the responsibilities of his stuck-up life, longing for his carefree childhood.[3] According to one account, Goosetave was the son of Grandma Duck and her husband Casey, with Daphne being unrelated to the Ducks by birth,[4] although most accounts instead hold that Daphne was the daughter of Grandma and that Grandma's husband was Humperdink Duck.[5]


While little is known for certain regarding his biography, bits and pieces can be inferred. For example, it is known that Scrooge McDuck has a nephew by the name of Oscar Gander.[6] Based on his name and relation to Scrooge, it's possible that he is a son of Goosetave and Scrooge's sister, Matilda McDuck, though this is not known for certain. Other sources also seem to point towards Goosetave having at one point been married to Matilda.[7][8] It can be assumed that they married around 1905, shortly after her arrival in Calisota.

At any rate, Goosetave and Matilda don't seem to have still been in a relationship by circa 1920, when Goosetave's sons, the incredibly lucky Gladstone and his unlucky twin brother Sadstone, were born, as their mother was not Matilda, but rather Daphne Duck.[9][10] Goosetave and Daphne seem to have begotten another son who would become the father to Goosetave's grandson, Shamrock Gander.

He was a supportive, but often strict father to Gladstone, insisting he learn proper etiquette and standing. Goosetave and his wife were said to have "died from overeating at a public picnic"[7], though according to one account, in truth, their deaths at the picnic were due to shards of glass having gotten into their muffins; all of his happening on Gladstone Gander's incredibly unlucky birthday[11][FANWORK]. Their children may have then been adopted by Matilda.[7]

Behind the scenes

"Goostave Gander" first appeared (as a name) in Carl Barks's first Duck Family Tree. The name, variously rendered as Goosetave or Goosetail, was finally given a face in Mark Worden's Duck Family Tree, only slightly retooled in Don Rosa's version with the addition of a monocle.

His first major role in a story was in Sarah Jolley's unlicensed 2019 The White Balloon, which focuses on the events that led to he and his wife's death.

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