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Gordon was a man of unknown species who is now a ghost.


A classic "bedsheet ghost", Gordon is one of the denizens of the Realm of Darkness. Short and pudgy, Gordon possesses limited magic abilities, like many inhabitants of the X-Dimension. He is good friends with an abrasive werewolf called Wolfgang. In 2001, when the sorcerer Hairy Von Hunchback took over the land he hailed from, Gordon and Wolfgang alone escaped his hypnotic thrall. Gordon used his limited magical abilities to teleport himself to Earth, where he sought to locate a powerful occult being and enlist its help; unfortunately, he appeared on Halloween night, at a costume party, and brought back Mickey Mouse and friends (disguised as vampires and other such figures) instead of any real monsters. However, the combined power of Halloween and of the X-Dimension itself made it so that the friends all acquired the powers of what they had disguised themselves as — allowing them, with a little foxiness and Gordon's guiding, to defeat Hairy and go home in the end.

Behind the scenesEdit

Gordon only ever appeared in the 2006 story Ghostly Deeds.

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