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Gotrocks is an anthropomorphic duck.


A railway tycoon and Scrooge McDuck's old rival, Gotrocks is also a collector of fine works of art, which he has permanently lent to the Duckburg museum to fill a "Gotrocks Hall". In 1966, when Scrooge McDuck created a 'McDuck Hall' filled with memorabilia of his life, Gotrocks mocked him for it, as his artistical hall was much more popular. They made a bet of four railways to whoever would impress an art jury the most. However, Scrooge ended up winning the contest, due to the jury being composed of modern artists who disdained Gotrocks's classical items and mistook Scrooge's objects for modern pop art. This unlucky turn of events was due to Gotrocks attempting to sabotage Scrooge by robbing him of his most artsy artifact, a statue of Pali, Indian Goddess of Luck, who, of course, bestowed bad luck upon the thief.

Behind the scenesEdit

Gotrocks first appeared in 1966 in The Luck of Pali. He reappeared in three Brazilian stories. Writer Bob Gregory wanted to bring his Gotrocks back in 1967 in The Goat with the Long Silky Hair, but artist Tony Strobl didn't remember the name had already been used and created a new appearance for Gotrocks, making him into a new character altogether who actually appeared alongside the 1966 version.

Finally, railway tycoon Gotrocks was to be featured in the 1970 story The Balloonists, but, once again, Strobl mistook him for a new character and drew him as a dognose. Though the 1967 version is generally accepted as a different character, the 1970 version could still be considered to be the same as the character covered in this page.

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