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Gotrocks is an anthropomorphic duck.


The brown-bearded Gotrocks is a business rival of Scrooge McDuck. In 1967, Gotrocks and Scrooge set a contest between their respective nephews, Stoneheart and Donald Duck: each of them would take an aptitude test, and then they would set out into the businesses the test said they were most suited for. While Stoneheart was declared a mining ingenior, Donald ended up as a goat herder. However, due to a series of quiproquos, Donald ended up owning all the mines Stoneheart had opened, and Scrooge thus won the contest, much to Gotrocks's dismay.

Behind the scenesEdit

A billionaire rival of Scrooge McDuck named Gotrocks was created in 1966 by Bob Gregory in the story The Luck of Pali. All evidence suggests that when Gregory handed out the script to The Goat with the Long Silky Hair in 1967, he intended for the same Gotrocks to be featured. Oddly, however, artist Tony Strobl didn't seem to remember the 1966 version of the character, and created a whole new appearance for this Gotrocks; from then on, the two Gotrocks have been considered different character. A third version was created in 1970; this one is a dognose, but is otherwise consistent with the 1966 version of the character.

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