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Gotrocks is an anthropomorphic dog.


Scrooge McDuck has a billionaire rival named Gotrocks who owns a railway. Scrooge's freight has to be carried along this way, even though Gotrocks would charge an unreasonably high amount to Scrooge for each boxcar of freight. Scrooge eventually outsmarted Gotrocks by putting baloons on the freight wagons rather than wheels, which means they didn't qualify as 'boxcars' anymore and Scrooge could use Gotrocks's railway for free.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the 1970 story The Balloonists, Gotrocks appears as a dognosed character. However, his name and mannerisms are identical to another billionaire rival of Scrooge who appeared in 1966, who is however a duck, and he also shares his name with yet another billionaire rival of Scrooge who appeared in 1967. Gotrocks might have been intended by writer Bob Gregory to be the same character in all three stories. This is supported by the fact that both the 1966 and 1970 versions are specifically railway tycoons.

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