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Grandma Duck is an anthropomorphic duck from the 2017 Continuum.


Donald and Della Duck's grandmother, Grandma Duck seemingly shares much in common with her counterpart in the Prime Universe. Although not much is known about her, it is said that she once baked an enormous chocolate chip cookie in a pizza oven, and enjoys baking pumpkin pies from pumpkins she picks from farmer's markets, two facts which Della has mentioned during adventures with her Uncle Scrooge.

Behind the scenes

This version of Grandma Duck was first mentioned by Della Duck in Cheating Like Nostradogmus, and again in Beware of the Phenomenal Pumpkin People!. She has yet to make an actual appearance in any medium, though it was stated on Frank Angones and the Suspenders of Disbelief that at the very least an episode pitch for DuckTales 2017 involving Grandma was made.

It is unknown whether this version of Grandma Duck is named Elvira.