Grandpa Bootle Beetle is an anthropomorphic bug (specifically, a Bootle Beetle).

Description Edit

An elderly Bootle Beetle, Grandpa is the grandfather of the young Ezra Beetle and a good friend of Bucky Bug, Bo, and June Bugg.

In his youth, Grandpa Beetle had a number of perilous encounters with "giants", especially Donald Duck (who often attempted to capture him) and as such is full of cautionary tales for those who would seek them out. He was not always at odds with Donald, though, and was once a shipmate of the Duck. On this occasion, the two were stranded on an island, and, although arguing often while there, came out of the affair as good friends. Grandpa Beetle will often give other sorts of wise advice to young beetles, as well, such as stories about the importance of working together.

In later years, Grandpa Beetle lived with Ezra in a stump, located in an empty lot across from the house of Donald Duck. Ezra was often unsatisfied with his home, wanting to live in Donald's much nicer yard, much to the chagrin of Grandpa Beetle, who would warn Ezra against the idea of leaving by telling him tales of his past experiences with Donald.

Eventually, Grandpa Beetle moved to Junkville (presumably after Ezra had moved out on his own), and began living beneath a mushroom by the Junkville river, away from the main city. There he met Bucky, Bo, and June, who he quickly befriended, allowing them to call him "Grandpa" and joining them on many of their adventures.

Behind the scenes Edit

Grandpa Bootle Beetle first appeared in the cartoon short Bootle Beetle in 1947, and went on to appear in several more cartoons. He made his first comic appearance later that year in Bootle Beetle, an adaptation of the aforementioned cartoon. He later appeared in the Bucky Bug story Bucky Meets Bootle Beetle, after which he became a recurring character in Bucky Bug stories.

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