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Grandpa Duck, or simply Grandpappy, was a male anthropomorphic duck who is now a ghost.


A notorious pioneer and buffalo hunter, who had once traveled on a wagon with his wife and their newborn baby, this Grandpa Duck of Donald Duck's had his portrait on Donald's mantel in 1955. Disgusted at Donald's bourgeois lifestyle, his ghost climbed out of it one fine day to give Donald pointers about how to hunt, hoping to get him to reconnect with the old simple truths of life in the West. The attempt failed miserably, as much because of Donald and Grandpa's incompetence as because of the way in which hunting itself had changed since Grandpa's death. Dejectedly, the ghost vanished.

In 1994, when Daisy Duck created an outdoors Duck Family Tree by putting portraits of various members of Donald Duck's family up on a literal tree in loose chronological order, a portrait of this Grandpa Duck was present separate from that of Humperdink Duck, Donald's paternal grandfather whom one might otherwise reckon to be the same individual. The portrait was labelled "Donald's great-grandfather", suggesting that the buffalo-hunting Grandpa Duck and Bluffer Duck are one and the same.

Behind the scenes

This version of Grandpa Duck first appeared in the 1955 cartoon No Hunting, and was seen again in Your Host, Donald Duck during the Frontierland segment, where he is referred to as Rufus Duck. In Giovan Battista Carpi's Duck Family Tree, he is featured as Donald's great-grandfather, separately from Humperdink Duck.

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