Granny Ghoul is an audio story of unknown authorship, released in 1969 on American radio to promote the opening of The Haunted Mansion. It features an unknown human reporter as well as Granny Ghoul, and the Ghost Host's distinctive laugh is heard in the background.


As the opening of the Haunted Mansion to the living public nears, an ace reporter has once more ventured into the Mansion to interview one of the ghostly residents about the event: Granny Ghoul, once a socialite and silent movie vamp, now a kindly old grandmother who also happens to be dead.


  • In life Granny Ghoul was a "former Peoria socialite and silent-movie vamp".
  • She has recently created a new article of ghost fashion: a "see-through bell-bottom bedsheet".

Behind the scenesEdit

Granny Ghoul was the third of a series of radio spots released in 1969 to promote the opening of the Haunted Mansion ride.

Paul Frees appears to be voicing Granny Ghoul (who is usually understood to be the same character as the elderly ghostly woman in the rocking chair in the Ballroom of the ride) in a hammy Ruth McDevitt impression.

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